“checkyourtackle” is a non for profit organisation focused on male orientated cancers, such as penile, testicular, anal and breast cancer. The aim of checkyourtackle is to educate, inform and create a sense of community for men and their partners who have been touched by these “silent killers”.

To this date, there is very little information regarding these kinds of intimate cancers, despite affecting hundreds to thousands of men and their families every year. What our aim to do is to help raise awareness, as well as promote heightened support and networking. We aim to provide information that is readily available and easily accessible.

Most importantly, we want to remove the stigma surrounding this topic. We want to remove the taboo of a topic that should be just a regular to talk about as other cancers, like skin or female breast. Too many times this form of cancer has gone unnoticed or mistreated because people can be too afraid to talk about it. We want to make this dinner-table conversation.

checkyourtackle founder, Wayne Earle, has had first-hand experience with penile cancer. It was in his struggle finding information that the idea for checkyourtackle came about. During his diagnosis, prognosis, surgery and afterward, there was very little information – and very little conversation – about what it’s like to experience penile (and other forms of male-related) cancers.

So, do yourself a favour, have a fumble and checkyourtackle today to prevent cancer from affecting you.