“checkyourtackle” is a newly formed charity raising cancer support and awareness on rare cancers including penile, testicular and anal cancer.

To this date, there is very little information regarding these kinds of intimate cancers, despite affecting hundreds to thousands of men and their families every year. What our aim to do is to help raise awareness, as well as promote heightened support and networking for those both primarily and secondarily affected by low case cancers – silent killers. We want this information to be readily available and easily accessible, preferably online where people can access it at their own leisure and digression. We would also like to offer a monitored forum section on the website, allowing sufferers and their family members to be able to share their experiences with others, in turn potentially helping others out with difficult situations. Most importantly, we want to remove the stigma surrounding this topic. We want to remove the taboo of a topic that should be just a regular to talk about as other cancers, like skin or breast. Too many times this form of cancer has gone unnoticed or mistreated because people can be too afraid to talk about it.

Many men feel the weight of talking about such a difficult topic to their family much too difficult. In an initial consultation, penile and anal cancer can be mistaken for other illness or sicknesses, including and not limited to STI’s. Imagine having to tell your partner you have a sexually transmitted infection. The reason we want this website is to remove that fear—to encourage people to tackle difficult conversation because it could be what saves their life.