My name is Steve and I’m 43. Here’s my story. February 2015, I found a lump, the size of half a baked bean appear on the side, close to the tip of my penis. Within days, after noticing it was not shrinking, and was causing a lot of pain when pressure was applied, I visited [...]

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In a time of his life where things were looking up, David found a wart worth being worried about. After avoiding seeking treatment, David now shares his story about the importance of seeing a doctor and how it saved his life. Watch his video HERE.

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In May 2012, I was 18 and in my senior year of high school. I already applied to colleges and got accepted to many of them. The one I chose was Shippensburg University. I had just finished planning for my prom. In my friend group, I am usually the one who plans everything! Planning for [...]

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My name is Dave and I have been asked to share my story. I thought I'd try to find some statistics to show not only how rare penile cancer is, but how rare it is for a man my age. I found that there's around 550 men diagnosed a year in the UK. Most of these [...]

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For 51 years Curtis' visits to a doctor were very few. Unless absolutely necessary, he stayed clear of any doctor. Early Misdiagnosis In the spring of 2009 Curtis started having a burning sensation when urinating. He went to the walk-in clinic and was given an antibiotic for a urinary tract infection. After two weeks, symptoms persisted, [...]

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