checkyourtackle is a newly formed not for profit charity raising education, support and awareness on rare male cancers including penile, testicular and anal.  With 1 in 2 Australian men being diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85, it was noticed by our founders that most men’s cancers go undiagnosed, treated or discussed due to stigmas surrounding men’s illness.

checkyourtackle aim to break down these stigma’s, offer support and most importantly, raise awareness that could save lives.  With an estimated 72,048 cases of cancer in males in 2016, resulting in 26,566 deaths, breaking the stigma is imperative in survival.  “Cancer of Unknown Primary” or CUP is the term used to describe a metastatic cancer with an unknown starting point.  CUP is the 12th most common cancer in men & is the fifth most common cause of cancer death in Australia.  CUP is brought on by failure to diagnose or treat.